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Centella Asiatica 100ml

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with Centella Asiatica

The History & Science Behind Centella Asiatica

Hydrocotly Extract (hydrocotyl Asiatica, Centella Asiatica) Centella Asiatica has been used as a medicine in India since prehistoric times. In the 19th century the plant and plant extracts were incorporated to the Indian pharmacopeia (Madaus 1938) and recommended not only for wound healing but especially for treatment of skin lesions, eczema, psoriasis, leprosy and lupus.

Historically, the entire plant is used medicinally, with harvesting occurring at any time during the year. Centella also contains a green, strongly volatile oil which is composed of  camphor, cineole, and other essential oils. Centella oil also contains glycerides of fatty acids. More recent experimental pharmacological investigations, clinical observations and case studies have confirmed a positive contribution of Centella extracts to the healing of skin wounds, burns and ulcerous abnormalities in the lower extremities, to the cure of stomach and duodenal ulcers, and to the treatment of leprosy, lupus, scleroderma, and diseases of the veins. (Anonymous 1945a, b and Royer 1962).

Treatment with Hydrocotyl extract is useful in the prevention of scars Studies by Bosse (1979) et. Al. have suggested asiaticoside stopped the inflammatory phase of hypertrophic scars and keloidism. An earlier clinical study by Vadasz demonstrated that asiaticoside was useful in preventing new keloids in burned children (Vadasz 1972)

History and Folk Use

The physiological action leading to the cosmetic effect.Due to the action of Asiatic Acid, the fibroblasts are stimulated to form additional collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. These increase the organisation of the collagen, “tighten” the skin, and increase the elasticity. The outcome of Centella’s complex actions is a balanced multiphase effect on cells and tissues participating in the process of healing, particularly connective tissues. Enhanced development of normal connective tissue matrix is perhaps the prime therapeutic action of Centella asiatica.

The Product

An herbaceous perennial plant native to India, China, Indonesia, Australia, the South Pacific & Madagascar. Oneeka’s Centella is a natural healing treatment which accelerates the process of skin repair and revival. The growth of new skin cells in turn aids healing of the skin and the elimination of scar tissue. Regular daily use will effectively increase the rate at which the skin repairs. The key ingredient, Herbal Centella Asiatica promotes cell regeneration, while toning & tightening the skin. CENTELLA ASIATICA will be an essential inclusion in your daily regime. Regular use will ensure a more vibrant healthier skin.

Direction for Use:
Pump Centella 3 or 4 times onto the palm of your hand then use fingertips to apply liberally all over the face and décolletage. Spread any unused Centella onto the back of your hands. For optimum results use regularly in conjunction with Oneeka products suitable for you! Apply daily after Herbal Spritz and before prescribed moisture

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