What people are saying about our amazing products.

Oneeka skin care has been wonderful for my skin, particularly the centella gel and the papaya enzyme peel. Used together they make my skin feel soft and renewed. I love that the ingredients are based on native herbal extracts rather than other products on the market that have a tonne of synthetic products in them that I can't pronounce.
Brooke, Sydney

I've tried so many different skin care products to deal with my acne and dry skin problems, some of which have been very expensive. Since using the Oneeka skin care range I have noticed a big improvement in the both the look and feel of my skin. I find all the products to be very gentle and effective. The moisturizing creams don't leave an oily or shiny appearance and prevent my skin from drying out in the day. By using the Papaya Peel gel twice weekly, I no longer have a problem with dry skin and can avoid using harsh exfoliants. The range is affordable and easy to use. I highly recommend the Oneeka skin range to those looking for an affordable regime to keep their skin rejuvenated.

I've been a client of Face Faxx for over 7 years now. Having compared the Face Faxx experience to other beauty salons, the biggest difference is the quality of their services. On my first visit I was most impressed by how much attention the staff paid to detail. Whether you are getting a facial treatment or an eyebrow wax, the staff take their time to ensure everything is done perfectly. The staff are well educated on skin care and have helped me to develop a skin care regime that has led to drastic improvements in the look and feel of my skin. You always leave Face Faxx looking and feeling great and knowing that it was money well spent. Keep up the good work Face Faxx!
Jayde, Sydney

I have been a customer at face fax for a couple of years and love the personal and professional service I receive during each visit. I was introduced to their Oneeka range and have used it for the last couple of months. I was skeptical at first....(new product, lets see how this goes)! The results have been fabulous. I’m in my mid forties so you can see why I am loving this find. My laugh lines are diminishing somewhat and I love the youthful glow that I see in the mirror! Using the papaya enzyme peel overnight is well worth it when you see the results in the morning. Soft, supple and radiant skin abound.

The Tranceed cream is a must for anyone worried about wrinkles. Dabbing a small amount on my hands then transferring this onto my entire face each morning after applying centella cell regeneration is part of my must do regime. In minutes I watch my laugh lines plump up. Yep, to say that I'm happy with these products is an understatement! Believe me, I have used many an expensive range out there. For the price it's well worth giving this range a go. I'm noticing great results with each passing day and llloovvee the price. This ONEEKA range delivers!!!! Will be sticking with it for a long while. I am a truly satisfied customer! Thank you so much Bonnie!
Sarah, Sydney

I have always had sensitive skin and had never really found any products that could cleanse, treat and protect my skin without leaving it feeling hot, red and dry. About two years ago I went to Face Faxx at Sutherland for a facial, feeling optimistic but with the usual expectations of finding more products that didn't really feel good on my skin. I was so delighted to find that the Oneeka products did not irritate my skin at all, and in fact they made my skin feel soft and hydrated, at last. The staff at Face Faxx are so passionate about what they do, and I felt like they really wanted to help find products and a skin treatment regime that would be perfect for my individual requirements. I have continued to use these products and my skin has never felt or looked so good. People even tell me that my skin looks nice, and I have never heard that before in my life!
Merryn, Sydney

With the guidance of Bonnie and the wonderful Oneeka products my skin has become rejuvenated. I have a small range of Oneeka products and follow a simple home regime that keeps my skin healthy and glowing. The natural products bring the best out of my skin and I have far less breakouts and blemishes since using them. My skin is usually quiet sensitive and I have to be careful what products I use, so as not to irritate it. Oneeka is gentle yet effective products to use on all types of skin including sensitive skin like mine.  My skin feels soft, cleansed and healthy after using them. Bonnie takes the time to assess your skin care needs and has helped me design a simple Oneeka skin care treatment system which I can use everyday.
Yvette, Sydney

I personally have to have a product that I believe in and trust in, therefore I love Oneeka because it ticks all of my boxes.
Vikki Ham, Sydney

Hi just letting you know that i got my eye firming gel yesterday. Of course i used it straight away & it's go on so smooth i keep touching my eyes because they feel so soft. Thanks so much for the chance to try this wonderful product.
Nicole Dunn, Sydney

I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely Eye Gel you sent me. I must admit I didn't want to open the package for a few days as it looked so pretty! I love the instant cooling feeling when you apply the gel. It is non-sticky and dries beautifully and definitely has a firming effect. Thank you again.
Sharyn Clark, Sydney

I have been using Oneeka products for a while now & I just love them. Especially the Centella & Anti-Couperose. The Papaya Peel is fantastic it's like a mini facial at home. Try these amazing products, they smell great and good enough to eat. Can't recommend them highly enough and Bonnie is lovely.
Bev Lewis, Sydney

I love Oneeka skin care its totally cleared up my skin and it looks and feels so... different from how it used to be.The Centella cleared up the excema on my arms just before my formal. i have to make sure I use it every day so my skin stays nie.
Loren Stoker, Sydney

I'd heard of the healing benefits of Centella in skin care and found Oneeka's Centella gel. WOW! After 4 days my skin improved. I've been using the products for 2 years now and I haven't looked back. It's Aussie made and I love that too.
Tracey W

Oneeka Skincare products are just divine. I have very sensitive skin and I tried Anti Couperose gel, the anti-redness serum. 2 days using it an my skin is a lot more settled Thank you, ladies.
Vicky E

The Oneeka products work. I’ve been using them for around 18 months and my skin is the best it’s ever been. Do yourself a favour and include them in your daily routine.
Jan C

The Oneeka products are amazing Ive been using them for years and never needed to look at anything else! I love that they're natural AND affordable.
Simone M

Oneeka products are divine.
Natasha I

I love products that do what they say they will. Oneeka does it for me.
Melanie W

I love using natural products, they don't claim organic but I can tell they're not filled with nasties! No aminal testing either and that's a biggy for me.
Heather L

The Oneeka products work. I’ve been using them for around 18 months and my skin is the best it’s ever been. Do yourself a favour get some today you wont be sorry .
Janet C

I don’t usually recommend anything but I want to give a big shout out to Oneeka skin care. I ran out of my old skin care creams and decided to try this on a whim and I am so glad I did! My skin has never felt better. My favourite product is the eye firming gel! Everything is all natural which is also a big plus.
Natasha E

Oneeka is a beautiful skin care range.
xx Lisa Marie

Try the Oneeka range of products, they are reasonably priced & I‘m sure like me you will see real improvements in your skins texture & appearance. So…do yourself a wonderful favour- become an Oneeka convert!
Fiona H

The Oneeka products are lovely and have improved my skin so much.
Leigh A